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The negative effects of Bleach for Mold Removal

Hire Mold Professionals. Don’t use Bleach to Treat Mold. Often homeowners attempt to kill mold with chlorine bleach. However, it is not a truly effective killer of mold and spores.  Chlorine bleach can be harmful to some materials that are being remediated and can cause the growth of mold.  The most efficient way to remediate mold is to remove the affected areas, which should be done by a professional trained in proper mold remediation methods.

Hire Mold Professionals When mold or mildew is seen on porous materials such as wood framing and wood-originated building materials the use of bleach is not really an effective agent.  To kill mold, the remediation product or method must reach the mycelium, or roots, of mold.   Chlorine bleach isn’t effective in this situation because its properties inhibit it from completely soaking into the wood-based building materials.  Bleach can also accelerate the deterioration of porous materials.

Bleach is 99% water.  Mold uses the moisture from water to form and grow, and therefore using bleach can cause mold to regenerate.  Often more concentrated mold can grow on the surface.

Chlorine bleach can be a good sanitizing product on non-porous hard surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, tubs and shower glass.  It neutralizes indoor mold allergens that trigger allergies when used on non-porous surfaces.  However, bleach fumes can be caustic and harmful to pets and some humans so it should be diluted and properly used.

Chlorine Bleach Warning

Chlorine’s mixture with ammonia products are extremely toxic and can cause serious health problems. Accidental spills of chlorine bleach on carpeting, fine fabric and upholstery, and clothing are extremely damaging.

OSHA or The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has stated in its guidelines for mold remediation that chlorine bleach should not be used.  It is the foremost federal agency to make it clear the stance against the use of chlorine bleach in mold projects involving its removal and remediation. It is just not a good practice all around the Industry for numerous reasons.

Hire Mold Professionals

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