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Mold Effects Prevention and RemovalThere are over a million different species of mold. Invisible to the human eye, these mold spores travel through the air and are commonly found in the earth’s soil and near any decay. However, many times, the mold grows hidden behind walls. Mold can grow at an extremely fast pace. It can become a hazard when a mold spore makes contact with organic surfaces then attaches to skin or especially ingested with food. Mold comes in various colors that can include white, brown, orange, green and black. Although the color is usually determined by the surface it is growing on.

Effects of Mold on People

Mold exposure can lead to several health-related problems. With its natural tendency to travel through the air, inhalation of these mobile mold spores can create and irritate a variety of respiratory diseases. Normal reactions incorporate issues with asthma, allergy sensitivities, respiratory contaminants, sinus diseases and skin rashes. Other symptoms that can be caused by mold include headaches and nausea.

Mold requires specific elements to develop. If an area of the home has been left unattended or uncleaned for a period of time, any moisture that presents itself is an invitation for harmful conditions.

Preventing mold growth

 Mold prevention starts with management of surfaces and mold cause. Residential and commercial building structures have many areas that offer prime environments for microbial grow. Bathrooms/showers, basements, laundry rooms and kitchens are some of the areas where mold is typically found. Generally, the home should be ventilated properly. This can assist in bringing fresh air in and pushing water vapor out. Homes that are not equipped with windows for proper ventilation should use a dehumidifier. Even the smallest crack or leak can provide an ideal microbial growth habitat. Water penetrating living spaces through cracks in basement or foundation require to be sealed using a waterproof chalk.

Mold removal

 Mold removal, mold abatement, mold mitigation and mold remediation are interchangeable terms that mean correcting a mold situation in or on a structure. Even the cleanest homes have the potential for mold.  You can always feel comfortable with the decision to hire a professional or not by at least having the situation professionally inspected. When hiring a professional mold remediation company, ideally you should select a company that you believe will do a thorough job.

 We are a professional mold/microbial remediation company, professionally trained and licensed in proper mold identification and removal techniques. We use specialized cleaning solutions combined with a custom designed air system, usually consisting of containment and the proper negative air required for performing mold abatement procedures. These are just a few examples of how a professional will help remedy the situation.