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One of the most important steps in cleaning an Oriental rug is the thorough dusting and dry soil removal process. This is accomplished several ways. An inexpensive but effective method of dusting an area rug is using a pile sweeper equipped with a beater bar. Our specialists run the beater bar equipped sweeper over the soiled area rug. If done correctly, there should be plenty of dust and dirt extracted. Another method implement is air dusting. Air dusting uses high pressure air (approximately 120 PSI) to extricate embedded dust and dry particles from any pile size. This system, combined with the beater bar equipped sweeper is our company’s preferred process. Another method most high volume rug cleaning companies use is portable or timed machines, they mechanically beat the backside of the rug with rotating straps to remove dry soils. After dusting it’s off to washing.

When restoring a rug, our technicians utilize a neutral pH mild cleaning solution formulated for wool or oriental rugs. Using an improper acid or alkaline cleaning solution could result in permanent damage to your area rug. We apply appropriate agitation to emulsify the cleaning solution and suspend the soiling. Rinsing is accomplished by using a roller squeegee and continuous fresh water with high pressure air to extricate any residual soiling

Drying is accomplished by various handling methods. Depending upon the rug’s condition, the rug may be exposed to a simple moistureless drying environment. If dye migration is a concern, it may be placed flat in a clean drying bed. In all drying cases, the manipulation of air flow, heat and humidity are essential to achieving optimal results.

Should I be rotating the direction of my area rug?
Yes. You should probably rotate your area rug once a year to ensure that it wears evenly.
What can I put under my area rug to stop it from moving?
You can place a high quality underlayment or “pad” under your carpet to keep it from slipping and help protect it from wear. SteamMaster inventories underlayments in 12’ widths designed to properly secure hand woven rugs to both carpet and hard surface floorings.
Can you repair the damage to my area rug?
Yes. We subcontract with companies who specialize in this type of work.
How do you remove the deeply embedded dry soil from my oriental rugs?
SteamMaster utilizes a state of the art compressed air dusting system to effectively remove dry soil before cleaning or washing your rugs.

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