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Mold remediation services

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Mold Remediation

SteamMaster offers mold inspections and remediation, and will provide an informed, rational explanation of your situation, and remediation options. We utilize innovative cryogenic cleaning, or “dry ice blasting” techniques to effectively clean and remove impregnated mold from structural wood surfaces. SteamMaster’s founder, Gary Gilman, and restoration manager recently authored an article published in the July 2003 issue of the Indoor Environment Connections on the subject of Cryogenic cleaning applications in mold remediation. We also employ desiccant drying equipment to effectively dry crawl spaces impacted by water and improper ventilation.
SteamMaster employees have received specialized mold training and certification from the American Indoor Air Quality Council. The American Council for Accredited Certification has awarded Gary Gilman with the designation of Council-certified Microbial Supervisor “CMRS”. Our crews are trained and equipped to utilize OSHA required personal protection equipment “PPE” during large remediation projects. Our staff is knowledgeable in current mold remediation procedures, EPA & NY guidelines and frequently works to a strict remediation protocol written by an independent Certified Industrial Hygienist “CIH”. We work meticulously to pass strict post remediation clearance sampling by independent industrial hygienists.

What is Mold?
noun: mould; plural noun: moulds; noun: mold; plural noun: molds
  1. a furry growth of minute fungal hyphae occurring typically in moist warm conditions, especially on food or other organic matter.
    synonyms:mildew, fungus, dry rot, must, moldiness, mustiness

    “walls stained with mold”

Is it harmful to be exposed to Mold?

Exposure to microbial growth can be dangerous, especially in certain people with weakened immune systems. This may include, those under the age of two, people over 60, pregnant women, those who are ill, people recovering from any form of surgery, on prescription drugs or chemotherapy, or are diagnosed with an immunity disorder/disease.

Should you keep mold compromised materials?
In many cases your items can be salvaged. This is usually determined by an onsite certified professional.
Will my Insurance cover mold damage restoration?

It depends on the origin/cause of the microbial growth and the policy coverage you have. Mold must have a water or moisture source in order to grow, but all of the causes of water damage are not typically covered in a homeowners insurance policie.

mold found in attic

Restoration Emergency

Responding 24 hours, our team of experts respond to water damage or fire damage any time of the day to help with your emergency. We are one phone call away!

Specialty Cleaning

Our Specialty Cleaning services includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, all natural & manufactured stone from moss rock, granite, flagstone and more!

Mold Remediation

Stopping moisture intrusion is critical in mold remediation. Our remediation experts can help with proper procedures to ensure indoor air quality in your property

Crawlspace Repairs

Musty odor, water intrusion and indoor humidity are signs of crawlspace problems. Our inspections are free. Schedule a visit today