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The science or practice of taking and interpreting infrared images is known as Thermography.  There are numerous application with the use of infrared camera by finding and documenting moisture issues, missing insulation, waste of energy, air leak etc.

There is no better or faster way to detect moisture or water damage intrusion than using the latest cutting-edge technology with infrared cameras or thermal imaging systems as they are known.

The Infrared (IR) camera can produce clear images of normally invisible evidence of potential future problems by recognizing temperature anomalies. The IR camera is a valuable tool in locating moisture, heat and heat loss enabling needed repairs to be made with confidence.

SteamMaster has numerous FLIR Cameras in its arsenal. One of the most used on is our light, slim profile C2 FLIR camera that fits comfortably in any of our work and street-wear pocket. This camera has a Brilliant 3” intuitive touch screen with auto orientation for easy viewing. The MSX® FLIR’s proprietary multi-spectral-imaging feature allows stunning image clarity. SteamMaster uses this to quickly detect water losses in residential and commercial properties we do work in. The C2 Built-in LED spotlight act as a flashlight and for photo illumination. We love its Wide angle lens which is optimized for building applications in our day to day work.

Infrared thermographic inspection is a powerful non-invasive means of monitoring  and diagnosing the condition of buildings. It provides immediate documentation of water damage to building materials. Moisture in building materials can destroy structural integrity and nurture mold and insect infestations.

With our four FLIR ThermaCAM® IR and Fluke® cameras we can see problems immediately allowing us to document them quickly and plot a scope of work to mitigate the problem.

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Responding 24 hours, our team of experts respond to water damage or fire damage any time of the day to help with your emergency. We are one phone call away!

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Our Specialty Cleaning services includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, all natural & manufactured stone from moss rock, granite, flagstone and more!

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Stopping moisture intrusion is critical in mold remediation. Our remediation experts can help with proper procedures to ensure indoor air quality in your property

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Musty odor, water intrusion and indoor humidity are signs of crawlspace problems. Our inspections are free. Schedule a visit today