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When our managers and specialists respond they will perform an evaluation to determine the proper procedure to effectively mitigate the situation. We will document and photograph each item and its original placement. The affected items will be meticulously protected with multiple layers of protection. Once secured and documented the items will be brought to our warehouse for restoration or disposal.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage can create both seen and unseen damage to documents and other media. In addition to scorching there is also a secondary damage concern with soot. If not removed and treated at the start of the salvaging process, it can contaminate the structure and any contents within the structure.

Water Damage

Water damage can be caused in multiple ways. Like fire it also has the potential of both seen and unseen damage. When dealing with Document Recovery it is vitally important to react quickly when it pertains to water damage. The concern may not only be direct damage, but secondary damage as well. Secondary damage occurs when organic materials are introduced to a high moisture environment. Therefore, an expeditious reaction time is highly advised. In many cases the documents can be salvaged if the response time is punctual.

Microbial/Mold Damage

If the response time is not ideal when dealing with water damaged documents, there is a high potential for Microbial/Mold growth. Our staff at SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning will respond promptly with the necessary drying equipment to address any water damage. This is the most affective process to inhibit any microbial growth.

Existing Microbial/Mold Damage

If you already have existing damage caused from microbial growth, SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning has numerous options for the recovery of contaminated materials. These processes include cleaning and/or reproduction of documents. This is usually done with the same effectiveness as Fire and Water damaged materials.

Restoration Emergency

Responding 24 hours, our team of experts respond to water damage or fire damage any time of the day to help with your emergency. We are one phone call away!

Specialty Cleaning

Our Specialty Cleaning services includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, all natural & manufactured stone from moss rock, granite, flagstone and more!

Mold Remediation

Stopping moisture intrusion is critical in mold remediation. Our remediation experts can help with proper procedures to ensure indoor air quality in your property

Crawlspace Repairs

Musty odor, water intrusion and indoor humidity are signs of crawlspace problems. Our inspections are free. Schedule a visit today