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My house flooded onto my wood floors what can I do to try and salvage them?
SteamMaster has had success using the Injectidry wood floor drying system. This system works by creating a vacuum to help extract the water through the wood floor and can often prevent the floor from heaving and even reverse cupping. This system will return the wood floor to a normal moisture content in about one weeks time.
Can our carpet and pad be salvaged after a flood?
If the flood was a clean water loss and it was noticed and taken care of fairly soon, then you have a good chance of saving your carpet and pad. If you have a sewage flood, your carpet and pad will have to be removed and discarded due to health risks. SteamMaster uses the water claw and the extreme extractor which both have a high success rate of salvaging the pad without having to disengage or dispose of the carpeting.
My sofa was saturated with water from above. Is there any way to save it?
If it was a clean water flood that was responded to quickly and drying began in a timely manner there is a good chance that it can be salvaged. However, if your couch has been submerged in water for a long period of time the inner padding, springs and frame are probably damaged and the couch is most likely unsalvageable.
What can I do to minimize damage when a flood is occurring?
When you realize that your property is flooding, find the water source and turn it off, call a plumber to fix the water leak, and then call SteamMaster as soon as possible to start the cleanup and dry down process. In the meantime start to mop up the water and move furniture to an unaffected area. Remember to place aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent permanent staining.
What about the 12” of standing water in our crawl space?
SteamMaster will pump out standing water and begin drying your crawlspace with air movers and dehumidifiers which will help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Our sister company Colorado Crawl Space can help with placing a vapor barrier liner in your crawl space.
What are the symptoms and health effects associated with mold exposure?
Some symptoms might include a runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, and respiratory complaints. Symptoms often resemble those of allergies and asthma.
Can I clean up the mold in our home myself?
The EPA has published recommendations for the clean up of small quantities of mold by homeowners. “A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home” can be found at http://www.epa.gov/mold
What can I do to help prevent mold?
Fix any leaks that you find as soon as possible, watch for condensation and wet spots that have developed, and keep heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning drip pans clean and unobstructed. Make sure your attics and crawl spaces are dry and properly ventilated.
How long does mold remediation normally take?
The length of mold remediation is dependent upon the amount of mold that has consumed the structure. In some cases mold is caught soon after it has developed and in other cases the mold has spread throughout the building. Clean up, removal and decontamination of mold spores can normally be accomplished in 1 to 2 weeks. Clearance sampling and reconstruction can add several more weeks to the final completion date.
What is the role of an Industrial Hygenist (IH), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), or a Forensic Engineer?
An IH, CIH or Forensic Engineer trained in indoor air quality sampling and investigating can inspect the home or business, establish a pre-remediation baseline, and draft a 3rd party independent remediation protocol that a remediation contractor can follow to properly remediate the affected areas. After remediation, the IAQ professional can inspect the job site, perform clearance sampling and verify the remediation contractor has properly remediated the work areas.
Can you guarantee the mold won’t come back?
The proper cleanup and removal of mold will not ensure that mold will not return in the future. In order to prevent a mold condition from reoccurring all sources of moisture including condensation must be permanently corrected. Mold is naturally occurring in our environment and can gain a foot hold and start spreading anytime the conditions for its growth are favorable.
Can you get this stain out on Upholstery and Drapery
Yes. 90% of the time we can. We have different cleaning solutions to help take out different types of stains. We use enzymes for food & juice stains and acid spotters for coffee and urine stains. Please keep in mind that some household cleaners might set the spot so please try and get it out by first blotting it out with water and a white clean cloth.
Will the cleaning change the color of my fabric furniture?
No. We pre-test and use neutral cleaners for your delicate fabrics.
How long will it take for my carpet to dry after being cleaned?
Depending on the air circulation, room temperature, humidity, density of the carpet, and type of carpet, drying time is usually from 2 to 6 hours. Topical applications can extend these drying times.
Does the carpet cleaning process get the back of the carpet wet?
We use state of the art equipment that does not allow the back of the carpet to get wet. Our warm water, low pressure system penetrates to the base of the carpet fibers and no further!
Emergency Response

Q: What is the typical response time?

A: It is our goal to be able to respond to your emergency in a timely manner. Every flood Is different and may require unique equipment. A typical response time for a common residential flood should be within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Inspection for Mold

Q: Are you certified in microbial remediation?

A: Yes, we pride ourselves on making sure each technician gets their AMRT certification as soon as possible.

After any water damage there is always potential for microbial activity. The industry standard says after 24-48 hours there is a high potential for microbial activity. We use our many structural drying techniques to achieve an industry standard dry time.

As long as there is moisture and food source for mold spores, it will grow and thrive. After any water damage, there is always potential for microbial activity. The industry standard says after 24-48 hours there is a high potential for microbial activity. We use our many structural drying techniques to achieve an industry standard dry time. We do a visual mold inspection and since this is done thoroughly to identify all affected areas and the inspection may require us to probe into inconvenience places we do typically charge a $150 inspection fee which is applied to the cost of remediation when SteamMaster is hired to perform the mold remediation work.

Crawl Space Inspection
Our certified specialists are trained to inspect all areas after a water damage. One of the commonly forgotten areas in a home after a water emergency is the crawl space. Our technicians are taught from the beginning to inspect around, above and below the source. We use experience, certification training and specialized equipment tailored for our industry to inspect all areas.

One recommendation we commonly make after a water emergency is crawl space encapsulation. Check out Colorado Basement Systems to find out more information.

Crawl spaces are not the most inspected area of any home and with prolonged neglect one may not know what is happening in there until some form of odor is sensed or detected and also when the crawl space is inspected by a home inspector. Our sister company Colorado Crawl Space and SteamMaster will inspect your dirt crawl space at no-charge to verify if you have a moisture intrusion problem which can cause musty odor or mold. Colorado Basement Systems offer a 20-mil vapor barrier encapsulation system called CleanSpace.® 

Carpet Cleaning Packages

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our carpet cleaning packages range from $0.32 a FT² to $0.58 FT².

Q: What are the packages you offer?

Silver Package (Traffic areas only, move light items)
Gold Package* (Clean all areas, move everything)
Platinum Package (Clean and apply carpet protector, Move all items)

*The Carpet Protector may be applied in place of the “move all” option

Counties We Serve

Q: What counties do you serve?

A: Our Crew services Eagle, Summit, Pitkin, Roaring Fork, Lake, Park, Grand, Chaffee and Routt Counties in Colorado

Q: Do you provide all your services to all counties?

A: Please call us @ (970)-827-5555 to ask us about a particular service.*

*We provide our emergency services to all the counties we serve.

If I get my carpet cleaned regularly, would it prolong the life?
Yes – Getting your carpet cleaned twice a year will extend its life by removing embedded soil which can cause carpeting to wear prematurely. It will also enhance your carpets appearance and help to improve your indoor air quality.
How can I keep my stone beautiful?
In order to keep your stone beautiful, SteamMaster recommends annual cleanings and a penetrating sealer to help repel soil and stains. When the stone is scratched or damage it may need Stone Restoration services
Can you remove those food and oil stains from my stone that won’t clean up?
Yes. Stains often penetrate deep into the pours of the stone and we can remove them with a customized poultice solution designed to remove the specific type of stain.
What sealer do I need to put on my stone?
Customers should be cautious when applying a topical sealer because later maintenance might be difficult. Impregnator or penetrating sealers are recommended by SteamMaster because these types of sealers are absorbed into the stone to provide a natural look. This type of sealer also allows the stone to breathe and helps make future maintenance easy
Can you remove the dark staining on my exterior stone caused by Aspen leaves?
Yes. We can effectively clean these areas and restore their appearance to their original beauty without damaging nearby landscaping.

Restoration Emergency

Responding 24 hours, our team of experts respond to water damage or sewer backup any time of the day to help with your emergency. We are one phone call away!

Specialty Cleaning

Smoke or fire damage can be devastating and disruptive. While getting professional help is critical, immediate response will minimize property damage

Mold Remediation

Stopping moisture intrusion is critical in mold remediation. Our remediation experts can help with proper procedures to ensure indoor air quality in your property

Crawlspace Repairs

Musty odor, water intrusion and indoor humidity are signs of crawlspace problems. Our inspections are free. Schedule a visit today

Emergency Response

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