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Signs Of Crawlspace Problems To Observe

Standing water or wet areas in crawl space floor?

Musty odor, black or dark stains on subfloor?


Insects or redent pests in crawlspace?


Dirty and damp crawlspace insulation?


Condensation on floor joists and other building materials?

High relative humidity in crawlspace?

Ground water from high water table area?

Crawlspace repair before

Damp environments are unhealthy and destructive where mold thrives and spreads by producing millions of airborne spores. The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System completely isolates your home from the earth, dramatically reducing the humidity level in the air. Lower humidity levels reduce or, in some cases, eliminate mold growth, rot and critters from your crawl space, making the entire house healthier. The CleanSpace liner is tough enough to crawl on and use for storage space. Trained installers will even complete the installation in their socks – that’s how clean your crawlspace will be.

The CleanSpace encapsulation system reduces humidity levels, prevents structural damage caused by moisture and eliminate musty odors from crawlspaces. The CleanSpace system will reduce heating heating and cooling costs while increasing the usable storage space that is dry, comfortable and bug-free in your crawlspace. The 20 mil material has anti-microbial coating and when installed by our team of experts, together with a Radon exhaust system will mitigate Radon gas from your crawlspace. The end result after a CleanSpace installation is an attractive, bright, tough, impervious liner and a healthier home above it.

Did you know…

Building scientists recommend

Crawl space encapsulation (sealing) is the treatment that building scientists recommend to turn a damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space where mold can’t grow.

Indoor air pollutants and allergens

Airborne mold spores and dust mites from damp crawl space and basement areas are among the most common indoor air pollutants and allergens.


What's permitted is not always right

Vented, dirt-floored crawl spaces are still permitted by building codes in many areas, despite the moisture and mold problems they cause.

Watch CleanSpace® Customer Testimony

Harrison Ratzlaff and Donna Albani – Crawlspace Repair Experts

The CleanSpace Crawlspace System

You have seen dirt crawl space and the problem they can cause. People are not meant to live in wood from structures that are damp. Do we want to come home to our families inside our house and get healthy or less healthy? The CleanSpace® Crawlspace system will help your home to become healthy and efficient.

The CleanSpace® System will prevent mold growth in your home, save energy cost, stop rot and summer time odors and even help you gain storage space. Protect your property value, call SteamMaster or its sister-company Colorado Crawl Space today at 970-827-4210

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