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Avoid downtime, delay in your home or business disruption

mitigation dryout vs repairWater damage can be absolutely disruptive and disastrous to any home. Many home and business owners have to spend an increasing amount of money on water damage restoration if the problem isn’t resolved in a timely manner. In order for the home or business owner to avoid major restoration resulting from the water damage, the water needs to be removed from the affected structure as quickly as possible.

A significant amount of water damage can cause the entire structure of a building to deteriorate. Even a minimal amount of water damage can cause a building to be at risk for microbial / mold contamination that could potentially contaminate the building and harm the people who are living there. This is why both minimal to large amounts of water damage require an emergency response.

Mitigation/Dry-out can be a better option

Structural dehumidification and drying is the recommended option for home and business owners. This system utilizes both air movement and dehumidification units to remove water that otherwise cannot be extracted. The structural drying process typically takes less than a week on average. Typically you can save the structure from any direct and/or secondary damage from the water by reacting promptly. Our technicians will work hard to bring your structure to a “pre-loss condition”.
(“Pre-loss condition” is a term defined by both insurance and restoration companies as the condition of a commercial building or residence prior to any damage caused by the incident)

In some cases the technicians will be required to remove baseboards and/or drywall. This is dependent upon the extent of the water damage and air movement’s ability to reach those damaged areas. In some companies they not only dry the structure, they also replace the drywall. This can cause problems (job creation) when it comes to the amount of drywall removed in the first place. In order to avoid this we simply get you back to a pre-loss condition with dry-out and then do minor repairs

Moisture_Meter_for_Water_DamageThe difference between dry-out/mitigation and repair is completely different. Home and business owners will save time, money, and a lot of stress by doing the former. A consultation with SteamMaster to see if the dry-out/mitigation option will help you feel less stressed in the long run. You will know you didn’t waste an opportunity.

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