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Water Damage Emergency Response

Water Damage Emergency Response is critical in any water damage loss. Showing up on time, quickly extracting with truck mounted extraction unit is critical.

water damage emergency responseSteamMaster responded to a water damage loss at TV8 and The Seasons at Avon, Colorado. The response time was swift and the water damage mitigation performed helped TV8 to function fully within 5 days avoiding business disruption compared to the previous restoration performed by other which extended 12 weeks.

Once this is done using the proper structural drying techniques and dehumidification and monitoring regularly will ensure quick dry out of the home or property. After attending to a water damage emergency, SteamMaster would closely monitor and document the drying process to verify and ensure that the job is done according to the science of drying.

By hiring a company like this SteamMaster, we have the responsibility to ensure that your property will be restored to its pre-water damaged state, thereby making it safe for occupancy again. SteamMaster’s technicians are industry trained, skilled, and have the property equipment and tools, to attend to all situations quickly and efficiently.  Restoration or mitigation rather than doing demolition and replacement will minimize costs. SteamMaster uses the best judgment based on any given situation at a water loss and the guidelines of ANSI/IICRC Water Damage Standards

Time and the immediate nature of the response and not water are the real issue and enemy when it comes to water and sewer damage restoration. Quick action is critical to the recovery of any affected property. Water saturates to drywall as quickly as one or more inches per hour. This indicates that if the water stays only for a day, it could penetrate the drywall up to two feet high or more. When that happens mold and microbial growth can take place as early as 24 to 48 hours after a water loss.

Why Use SteamMaster?

  • SteamMaster take live calls  24/7/365
  • SteamMaster will work with all insurance company and communicate directly
  • Our experience and certified technicians respect you and your residential or commercial property
  • SteamMaster’s faster drying times will reduce cost, speed up your insurance claim, and prevent secondary damages.