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SteamMaster is a certified Radon Mitigation Company and member of AARST The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program.

SteamMaster_is_a_certified Radon_Mitigation_Company

Where can I get FREE Radon Testing Kits?

FREE test kits are available at the Edwards Pharmacy inside Shaw Cancer Center at 322 Beard Creek Road in Edwards; the Environmental Health Department at 550 Broadway in Eagle; the El Jebel Community Center at 20 Eagle County Drive in El Jebel; and at the Energy Smart Resource Center located in the Walking Mountain Science Center at 318 Walking Mountains Lane in Avo

Some FAQ on Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon is not talked about much compared to other dangers in your home but yet causes 20,000 deaths a year. SteamMaster takes the mystery out of Radon and informs you what these gasses may do when high levels are found in your home. We will provide you with solutions to protect your family.
We have narrowed down to the key questions and answers so people will know about radon testing and mitigation.
What health concerns are there to excessive radon gas? 
Experts in the medical world, scientists and health organizations such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and, the American Lung Association, the American Medical Association, WHO (The World Health Organization) concurs that radon causes thousands of fatalities every year.
The risks for people with respiratory problems and cigarette smokers, including former cigarette smokers are at higher risk than the general population. Radon gas exposure has been linked to several sickness and ailments including asthma, allergies, stomach cancer, and liver cancer. Small children and seniors citizens may have a higher risk.
How does radon get into your home?
Radon emanates to enter homes from the soil around and through the foundation. However, radon can also enter your home from outdoor air. Entry of radon gas is also possible through water faucets and showers and from building products. 

Are radon tests generally reliable?

Yes, This tests can be carried out in as little as 48 hours depending on the particular test kits and its instruction.

After Radon mitigation, is an annual radon test required?

Geology is dynamic and continually changing, so radon levels may also vary. Checking radon gas elevation is the only way to make sure radon levels in your home are acceptable. 
A radon detector displays the radon concentration in your home just like your thermostat displays the current temperature. Having one installed will also be helpful. As a general rule, every home should have a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, and a digital radon detector.
Is my neighbor’s test result from an indicator of similar results in my home?
It is not. The radon levels may vary from home to home. The only way is to isolate the conditions in your own home and do a test without comparing to the results obtained from your neighbors.

Never tested all these years, does it make sense to check now?

Testing and identifying radon gas in your home will at least diagnose the condition. You will reduce your risk of lung cancer and possibly stomach cancer, liver cancer, asthma, allergies, and other illnesses when you reduce radon levels.
Since small children, babies, and the elderly are at higher risk; it is best to test now and purchase a digital radon detector, so you know you are safe from now on forward. Now is the time to test with the county handing out FREE test kits.

Is there a problem to sell a home with radon problems?

Radon can be mitigated. SteamMaster is a certified company and can help to correct the situation. When radon problems are adequately corrected, home sales will not be adversely affected. The added protection of an installed radon correction system may be a plus and a selling point. The future buyer will not have to worry or seek to mitigation the situation. Some counties and state are requiring them prior to sale. 
Having a bi-annual radon test conducted is a wise choice. A problem that does not exist in the past does not mean the conditions will never change. 
Call SteamMaster’s Tom Mahr at 970-827-5555 for radon mitigation.