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Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration is a service provided by SteamMaster. Natural Slate is yet another popular stone used for flooring in many homes as it comes with high durability, unique texture, and powerful beauty.  Typically, slate floorings come in the form of tiles and are available in a varied flow of shades.

Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Slate flooring may cost a little more when you make that a choice but it is well worth it. Another factor to take into account is understanding the need for maintaining it over time. Some homes have had Slate geometrically custom-cut and have become the dominant choice for commercial spaces and luxury condos.

The Durability of Slate Floor

Slate Floor is one of the strongest natural stone flooring material. It has the physical durability that makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips. It does have to be cleaned to remove the dirt, grime and sealed against stains on a regular basis depending on where it is installed. If properly maintained, slate can last for years, looking great without having to be replaced.

In some cases, when a tile is damaged due to a violent impact, chipping can happen due to wear and tear and weather conditions. While this takes place it can be ugly and unsafe. It is also possible to repair these pieces and restore the surface by grinding it down. Another way is replacing the tiles, so it is prudent to keep extra tiles when you first purchase them. Keeping extra tiles from the same batch would come handy when needed.

One great value of slate and other natural stone is for radiant heat transmitting, if not retaining heat. Slate is said to be a perfect medium for a radiant heat coil system under the tile.

Slate Floor Cleaning and maintenance should be done from time to time so that the stone doesn’t start cracking or chipping. If you have slate tiles installed in your home it is advisable to get slate floors cleaned by a professional stone cleaning expert like SteamMaster. Choosing the right enhancing sealer will bring out the natural layer beauty of your slate surfaces.

Slate Flooring

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