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During a water damage our team of trained technicians will utilize the right tool to efficient in removing water trapped in carpet and pad. The Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor is the most effective and efficient extraction tool to do the job. Their patented Suction Roller provides both suction and compression – forcing water to the surface then pulling the water away, not allowing the water to be reabsorbed back into the carpet and pad. The unit is steerable and self-propelled with variable speeds. Call SteamMaster at 970-827-5555 for fast and efficient water damage extraction.

In some cases it is necessary to use other extraction methods. One extremely effective method is using a tool called the WaterClaw. The WaterClaw is much like the Xtreme Xtractor but with one major difference, it is a stationary tool. This is beneficial when the area being extracted is too small for a ride on extractor or when you need to get in corners or closets. This tool is commonly used in conjunction with either the Xtreme Xtractor or a typical Carpet Wand. Which brings us to our next tool that is commonly used in flood restoration, the Carpet Wand.

The Carpet Wand while the most typical and least efficient of the tools used, serves a vital role. Often times when the carpet is extracted through the means of a subsurface tool such as the Xtreme Xtractor or WaterClaw residual water coming up through the pad can be left in the carpet fibers. This is where the Carpet Wand stands out in performance.

Because of its ability to extract from the top we are able thoroughly extract the water within a home when used as a backup tool. In educational courses regarding water damage, they explain that extraction is 1200x faster than evaporation. You can see why not just extraction but proper extraction is critical. Now that the pad and carpet is extracted properly the structure is still left with moisture. In order to remove this left over moisture in the walls, subflooring and surrounding material.

We implement a system that utilizes specialized air movers to create evaporation and then extract that remaining moisture through a dehumidification unit. For further explanation of this process or for response to any water emergency, we would like to extend our company as a resource for you and your home or business. Give us a call today, SteamMaster at 970-827-5555 for fast and efficient water damage restoration.