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Keeping your home’s stone floors clean can be a challenge. Natural stones like flagstone, limestone, travertine, and slate are beautiful materials that offer a superior look in modern homes. But these natural stones are porous and require special attention to maintain their appearance and avoid stains. Keeping stone floors clean can be challenging, but with the right know-how and some simple habits, you can protect them from dirt, spills, and stains. Here are seven tips to help you keep your home’s stone floors clean:

Be Aware of Stone Floor Maintenance Requirements

Natural stone floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the floors looking their best. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are a low-maintenance option that requires minimal cleaning beyond a sweep and a mop. If you choose to install natural stone as your flooring, you’ll need to plan accordingly to maintain the floors. This is because stone is porous, which means it can absorb stains, dirt, and germs. You’ll need to clean your stone floors regularly to avoid dirt buildup and the buildup of germs. Hardwood floors, however, are more durable and less porous. This means they are less likely to be stained and get dirt buildup. You’ll still want to regularly sweep your wood floors to prevent debris from accumulating. But you’ll want to avoid mopping your wood floors with excessive water. Hardwood floors can be damaged by water and should be cleaned only with a dry or damp mop.

Use The Right Mop and Cleaning Products

You may be tempted to grab any old mop from the store and start mopping, but resist the urge. The best practice is to vacuum the surface thoroughly before You need a specialized mop to clean your stone floors. Stone can be very porous, which means it can absorb water and dirt. Using a standard mop will deposit all of its dirty water, dirt, and germs right onto your stone floors. This can result in stained and dirty floors. A regular mop also typically has a very small cleaning head that can struggle with larger messes. This means you’ll have to wring out the mop frequently, and you may end up pushing dirt around rather than removing it. Instead, use a specially designed stone mop. These mops are typically made with a wider cleaning head that can easily pick up larger messes. They also often have a larger water tank to reduce the number of times you have to wring out the mop. These stone mops are designed to lift dirt and water off your floors without depositing them back on the stone. You can also use these mops to clean other hard floor surfaces like tile and wood.

Use a Solid Sealant

Stone floors are beautiful, but some stones are more porous than others. This means they can be damaged by moisture and are more susceptible to bacteria and germs. A stone sealer can help to protect against moisture damage and keep germs at bay. A stone sealer is a clear, liquid coating applied to the stone. Once applied to the stone, the sealer creates a barrier that repels water and stains. It also helps repel dirt, which can help clean your stone floors. The sealer can also add some shine to your stone floors.

Keep track of stains and spills.

You’ll likely come across some tough stains if you have stone floors. Keep track of any stains or spills you encounter on your stone floors, so you know what to avoid in the future. For tough stains, you may want to try some natural cleaning solutions before moving on to stronger cleaners. For example, mix baking soda with warm water or white vinegar with water to clean tough stains on your stone floors. Avoid strong chemicals that can damage your stone floors.

Regular Professional Cleaning

Keeping your stone floors clean may seem like a never-ending task. But with the right mop, cleaning products, and regular maintenance, you can keep your stone floors looking their best. A professional cleaning service may be worth considering if you’re struggling with keeping your stone floors clean. A professional cleaning service can use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions designed to keep your stone floors clean. You can also consider hiring a professional cleaner as needed, which will likely be more cost-effective in the long run. SteamMaster has almost 45 years of experience in the Restoration and Cleaning industry, servicing the mountain resort communities of Colorado. We serve in Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen, and surrounding mountain resorts.


Natural stone floors are beautiful and provide a unique aesthetic to your home. But not all stone is created equal. Some stones, like limestone and travertine, are more porous than others, like marble. Keeping these porous stones clean requires special attention and regular cleaning. A stone sealer can help protect your stone floors from moisture damage and keep germs at bay. You can also use a stone mop to clean your stone floors and avoid depositing water, dirt, and germs back on the floors. A regular professional cleaning will help you keep your stone floors clean and looking their best. Call SteamMaster at 970.827.5555 for a free consultation. Visit our website at SteamMaster.com