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Water Damage on carpetNext to a fire, almost all homeowners fear and the damage it can cause. Flood or water damage can be caused by many different events including; a broken pipe, sewer backup, to an overflowing river, the results can be devastating. In almost all cases, some type of water damage restoration will be required from a professional restoration company like SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning. Most homeowners will find that they need a specialist in water damaging cleanup.

A water damage specialists will have both the knowledge and equipment to rid your home of water, and to minimize the damage of the actual structure. Yet, that isn’t the only place flood damage can occur, loses can also include furnishings, family photos, pieces of art, and books. The following tips can help lessen the damages of items that are irreplaceable. The following safety tips for water damage can all be done before the specialist for water damage restoration gets to your home.

Safety Tips for water damage

First of all, the homeowner must prevent serious, and even fatal injuries. To do this we should turn off all power to the area before allowing others to enter the flooded area. Next, the homeowner must attempt to find the source of the water, if a plumbing emergency is thought to be the cause. Once the source is found, all water to the area should be shut off at the water main to minimize damage. We have to remind everyone that the area may be slippery. These tips should be taken in the order written. One done, the area may be entered and the water damage may begin.

How To Begin the Water Damage Cleanup

The homeowner can begin the cleanup before the water damage begins. These steps if done can save many of the most precious of mementos. Remove as much of the water as possible by mopping or blotting and also using towels to prevent the water migration to other areas. Do not attempt to vacuum the water, remember no electrical appliances should be used in the affected area.

Next wipe all wood surface furniture as dry as possible. Place grocery plastic bag or zip log bags under furniture to help prevent staining on carpet or rugs.Remember not to put items that bleed color next to, or on other surfaces that can absorb the colors. Take care of window treatments by lifting the item, and then looping it through a sturdy, non-metal hanger. Hang the piece from the curtain rod.

Remove all area rugs that are in the flooded area. Move all photos, pictures and art works to a dry, and safe area. Remove all books from the area, if they are wet, place them on a dry area, spread the pages to allow faster drying. Open all doors, drawers, closets and pieces of luggage to aid in the drying phase.

Things That Should Never Be Done

There are three things that should never be done. By doing so, people risk serious injuries, and possible death. Learn these safety tips for water damage, and keep everyone safe.

Do not use an ordinary or electrical vacuum. Never use electrical appliances in flooded areas. Do not enter flooded areas until the electricity has been turned off.

We hope these tips are helpful. However, please note that the fastest and best way to prevent secondary or additional damage is to call a restoration company immediately. SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning is a 24-hour emergency service restoration company. Our crew are quick to respond and the company house a 9 bedroom apartment in our 3-story building for fast response. Call SteamMaster at 970-827-5555