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etching and staining on marble

Hard surface, Natural Stone

Removing Etching and Staining

If you’re a home or business owner and you have natural stone floors, counter-tops, bathroom surfaces or all of the above, you know that you want all of those hard surfaces to look their best at all times. The main problems that you may have encountered, whether your hard surfaces are granite, limestone, marble, onyx, quartzite, sandstone, slate or travertine, are probably etching, spills, and stains.

Etching and Staining on Hard Surfaces

Many home and business owners tend to turn to DIY remedies in an effort to remove stains or etching. This can be a costly mistake since what you really need is a professional who is certified to care for your natural stone surfaces. Stains could be from excess sealer that was left behind when the surface was sealed or spills ranging from wine to acidic drinks like OJ or lemonade and everything in-between. Technicians with specialized training in treating stains on hard surfaces are always your best bet for the safer treatment of etching and stains of all kinds.



Two types of Issues – Etching and Staining

There are two types of issues to look for on your natural stone hard surfaces and they are:

  • Stains, which are always darker than the natural stone material.
  • Surface damage, which is always lighter in color and is often known also as etching.

There’s no stain removal tip or trick available anywhere that will work on surface damage. They only work on stains and even then there’s no way to be sure that they will be effective and will not cause further damage. But, a professional can easily determine what the problem is, whether it’s a stain or just part of the coloration of the natural stone, and how to effectively fix it.

So, do yourself a favor and don’t try to extract stains from your beautiful floor or counter-top yourself no matter how good you may be at DIY projects. Opt instead for a professional who knows exactly what to do to keep your natural stone hard surfaces looking their best. SteamMaster has almost 4 decades of experience and can help you with a free evaluation of your project. Call us at 970-827-5555 for an estimate today!